Customized Circle family necklace, Birthstone Colored gemstone Necklace

Customized Circle family necklace, Birthstone Colored gemstone Necklace, Gold eternity, Kids initial family necklace, Sterling silver gems

This is a beautiful personalized necklace which represents the love and bond in the family. It can be combined to represent the birthstones of Mom, dad, kids, or your loved ones.
This necklace has been near and dear to many of my customers as they share their love through this necklace as a token to remember their loved ones all the times. I am pretty sure that this token of love will be a daily staple on your wardrobe.

You can also use this as a gifts for someone. This has been our number one gift for mom, grandma, nana and friends.

This necklace can be CUSTOMIZED with up to 5 Birthstones.

✪ Gemstone - Varieties of Gemstones (Please see list of Gemstones)
✪ Gemstone Shape - Tear Drop
✪ Mini Gemstone Size - Approx 9 X 12 mm
✪ Necklace Metal - 14k Gold Filled / Sterling Silver
✪ Necklace Length - 16 - 24 Inches
✪ Chain Type - Anti-Tarnish Tiny Delicate flat cable