Labradorite Ring - Oval Ring

Labradorite Gold Bezel Ring - Stackable Gemstone Ring - Oval Stone Ring

✪ Gemstone - Labradorite
✪ Gemstone Shape - Oval Shape
✪ Gemstone Size - 8mm X 10mm
✪ Metal - 18k Gold over Silver (Vermeil)
✪ Metal finish - Smooth Shiny
✪ Stone Quality - Labradorite is natural stone. Might contain few natural inclusions.


This jewelry is:
✪ Anti-Fading
✪ Nickel Free
✪ Non-Irritating metal
✪ Metal Allergy Free / Hypoallergenic
✪ Tarnish Resistant
✪ One Year Warranty
✪ 14 days return policy


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About this Stone:

Labradorite Jewelry
Also known as “black moonstone”, labradorite is – as a reflection of its appearance – a stone of magic and transformation turning the mundane into miraculous. This beautiful, iridescent gem is said to promote clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as to increase self-control and intuition.

In crystal healing and folklore, labradorite is thought to be the dark side of the moon, and a favorite possession of magicians. It is because this gem is believed to have the abilities to reveal hidden talents or the things which we know exists but cannot see in the light of conscious awareness.

Physically, labradorite is used by crystal therapists to treat eye disorders and neurological conditions and to reduce stress and anxiety. It is also thought to help regulate the metabolism, aid digestion, cure warts and balance hormones.

Quality of Materials
Metal : Most of our jewelry pieces at TheCarats are made with lab tested precious metals like Silver and Gold. These metals are tested for any indications of allergy and uncomfortable signs to sensitive skin. These metals are 100% non-allergic or Hypoallergenic jewelry. They are free of any other metals which cause irritation such as nickel.

Stones : All of our jewelry is made with handpicked semiprecious stones and gemstones. Due to the nature of these semiprecious stones a slight variation in colors may be noticed between the pictures and the real piece. Although we guarantee that this is barely noticeable.
Real Gemstones and semiprecious stones naturally consists of inclusions. In other words these stones/minerals may have very small barely noticeable cracks trapped inside the stone. This characteristics of gemstones is very common.